Characteristics of lithium polymer battery

Lithium polymer battery have the advantage of easily to customized, high energy density, low internal resistance, long cycle life, safety and environmental etc.
Published time: 2017-9-15 3:40:13
The functions of PCM (protection circuit module) for lithium batteries

The function of PCM is to protect the rechargeable batteries, maintain the safety and stability of the battery charge and discharge process, play an important role of the entire battery circuit system.
Published time: 2017-9-14 3:44:24
Smart battery management system

Smart batteries, also known as Smart Battery Systems (SBS), it mainly concludes of data acquisition, status monitoring, balanced controlling, thermal management, security protection, information management, etc.
Published time: 2017-6-28 10:09:15
Characteristics of Li-SOCl2 battery

Li-SOCl2 batteries have the advantages of high operating voltage, wide operating temperature range and high energy density.
Published time: 2017-5-25 2:24:35

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